Rick Bogehold

Rick Bogehold
President and Founder of Excel

With over 47 years of oil and gas experience, Rick has worked as a research programmer, processing geophysicist, and manager in Canada, USA, North Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and China.  Prior to founding Excel in 1989, he was President of Veritas Seismic, Inc., Vice President of Seismic Processing Concepts, Inc. and Digital Resources Corp., and Processing Manager for Dawson Geophysical Company.  Rick has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Rick stands behind the Excel philosophy that the first consideration for every employee is the satisfaction of the client’s objectives.  A part of the commitment includes attention to providing access to the best in computer and geophysical technology, and to making Excel an environment in which professionalism can thrive.  Rick enjoys leading the company to develop innovative workflows for solving problems, and sponsoring creative methods for addressing the challenges that difficult seismic data can present.

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