Welcome to Excel Geo(physical Services)

Since its founding in 1989, Excel has provided advanced seismic data processing services to a broad base of exploration, environmental, and government clients. After more than 3 decades of dedication to the expert application of geophysical technologies, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations and close our corporate office.

We owe our past success as a seismic processing company to the loyalty of our many clients.  We sought to deliver consistent quality of data processing and communication that would encourage our clients to return to us with their next project. Our gratitude for the long-term relationships that we have developed is sincere.  The loyalty and stability of our staff also contributed significantly to the consistency of our work.

While we will no longer be operating as Excel Geophysical Services, we would encourage all those seeking high quality seismic data processing services to contact Jourdan Anoka at Anoka Geophysical LLC. Jourdan was a valued part of our team since 2008, and remains committed to continuing  the excellent level of services that Excel has historically provided. All of the tools and technologies that were part of Excel are still available for Jourdan to apply to your toughest geophysical problems.

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