3D Wavenumber Noise Suppression

Performs 3D wavenumber filtering on seismic time slices. It is used to remove noise footprints, like the acquisition footprint, from seismic data. Several modes of operation allow you to design filters, output filtered data, subtract noise from the data, and QC the noise footprint.

The filters can be cascaded in the flow so that different noise footprints can be removed. Some strong noise footprints may need several of the filters cascaded to sufficiently reduce its amplitude.

Special options in the tool will remove the noise footprint and smooth the data in 3D but preserve the structural/stratigraphic features.

The example show a volumetric curvature attribute that is over-shadowed by a noise footprint. After running 3D Wavenumber Noise Suppression, most of the noise footprint is removed thus revealing the faults and fractures.

Volumetric Curvature time slice after applying 3D Wavenumber Noise Suppression.

ProMAX menu for 3D Wavenumber Noise  Suppression.

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