Specialty Processing

Shallow Seismic Imaging

Excel has a wealth of experience in processing non-invasive seismic 2D and 3D reflection data for imaging of the near surface.

Utilizing p-wave and s-wave seismic reflection techniques, objectives in the 100 to 400 foot range are commonly targeted. However, with careful selection of field parameters, imaging as shallow as 10-20 feet can be accomplished successfully.

Since 1992, Excel has been involved in data processing and field acquisition planning for well over 500 shallow imaging projects. The majority of these projects have been in the field of engineering, environmental, coal and hard rock mining, mineral exploration, and water resources investigations.

Partial list of objectives for these projects include:

Fault, Fracture, and Structure Imaging
Bedrock and Buried Channel Characterization
Preferential Pathways of Groundwater Contaminate Migration
Borehole to Borehole Connectivity
Site Remediation
Void Detection and Karst Mapping
Aquifer Identification and Water Resource Studies
Coal Mine Planning and Mineability Studies
Mineral Exploration and Exploitation
Geothermal Exploration and Development
Landfill Design and Rippability Studies
Residential and Commercial Building Development
Gas Storage
Coal Bed Methane and Shallow Oil and Gas Exploration

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